Current Section
Board of Trustees Members at IUSOM Sialkot Branch Campus

Founder, Co-Founders, and Members of the Board of Trustees of the Branch
Campus of International University School of Medicine (IUSOM) located in Sialkot,
Punjab, Islamic Republic of Pakistan include:

  • Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ghaus Choudhry, D.Sc. (Univ. Amsterdam), Ph.D. (Univ.
    Amsterdam), M.Sc. (Univ. Punjab), B.Sc. (Univ. Punjab), Chairman, President,
    CEO and Founder Trustee;
  • Dr. Adnan Idrees, M.D. (Univ. Punjab), F.R.C.S., Ph.D. (UK), Vice President -
    Academic & Trustee;
  • Prof. Hamid Perwaiz, M.Sc. (Univ. Punjab), B.Sc. (Univ. Punjab) , Vice
    President - Administration & Trustee;
  • Mr. Zahid Hussein, M.A. (Journalism) (Univ. Punjab), M.A. (Political Science)
    (Univ. Punjab), M.A. (English) (Univ. Punjab), B.A. (Univ. Punjab), Vice
    President - Communications & Trustee;
  • Mr. Zahur Ahmed Choudhry, B.A. (Univ. Punjab), Vice President – Local
    Facilities and Operations & Trustee;
  • Mr. Amjad Ali Bhatti, D.H.M.S. (Punjab Board), Treasurer.& Trustee;
  • Ms. Mehwish Simrin Rajpout, B.A. (Univ. Punjab), General Secretary & Trustee;
  • Mr. Muhammad Asghar, Member & Trustee; and
  • Mrs. Shamim Akhtar, Member & Trustee.

Academic and Professional Scientific Qualities of Dr. Choudhry, Chairman,
President, CEO & Founder Trustee

The Founder, Dr. Choudhry, Ph.D., D.Sc., has strong academic professional insight
in the sectors of education and training as well those of innovative analytical organic
chemistry laboratory services in the EU including The Netherlands and in the North
America. He has a great perseverance.  He has good financial insight.  He has good
professional relationships with the residents of The Netherlands and other EU-
countries and with those of Canada and USA. He has very strong professional
competence in education and training area along with in the innovative analytical
organic chemistry field in which he  has struggled to start delivering medical
educational and research services through the supreme and active involvement of
co-partners and co-founders of IUSOM.

Dr Choudhry has gained about 13 years' experience for lecturing to undergraduate
and graduate students covering courses on Environmental Chemistry, Pesticide
Chemistry, Mechanistic Organic Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry, Organic
Thermochemistry, Biochemistry and Soil Humic Substances Chemistry along with
Applied Calculus and Modern Physics at the Xavier University School of Medicine
(2004-2005), the University of Amsterdam (1978 - 1983) as well as at the University
of Manitoba (1983-1989) and the University of Windsor (1989-1990).  In addition, he
has obtained one year’s experience for teaching Organic Chemistry and Physical
Chemistry at Islamia College (Degree College) (1971-1972), Quetta, Pakistan.

Moreover, Dr. Choudhry has acquired about one year’s experience (2004–2005) at
the Xavier University School of Medicine, Bonaire Campus for providing leadership
and guidance for setting up new PreMED Courses covering General Chemistry,
Organic Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. In addition, he has obtained a total of
6 years’ experience for working as the Acting Director (1985 - 1986) along with as
the Associate Director (1983–1985 and 1986-1989) of the Pesticide Research
Laboratory (PRL) at the Department of Soil Science, University of Manitoba, Canada.
He administered the PRL and performed a leadership role by providing supervision
and guidance to the Undergraduate and Graduate Students and to other Technical
and Office Staff.

Dr. Choudhry also has about 30 years’ hands-on-experience for utilizing modern
analytical chemistry equipments such as HPLC, GC, bench-top GC-MS, HR-GC-MS,
ICP-MS, HR-ICP-MS, NMR and IR instruments. Moreover, he has five and a half
years’ North American innovative, administrative and leadership experience as a
CEO and Lab Manager of an innovative environmental and analytical chemistry
laboratory situated in Ontario, Canada. He always appreciates to work in a
cooperative social environment. He has also gained similar seven years’ European
experience by leading a chemical laboratory in The Netherlands. He possesses very
strong innovative, organisational and administrative experience both in the university
and industrial environments. He takes always initiatives to invent new analytical
methodology and technology in environmental chemistry field and in their commercial
applications. He dares to take risks in the technological innovative business(es). He
is very good decision-maker. By publishing 5 books and 119 research articles, in his
field of innovative expertise, through the American and other international publishers,
he has acquired a unique position and reputation among the international innovative
environmental, toxicological and clinical scientific community.

In order to view Dr. Choudhry's complete Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) and a List of
Publications, please click

(D.Sc.) Degree to Dr. Choudhry by the University of Amsterdam, click


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